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20th-Jun-2010 11:05 pm - Japan: Day 5
mischief managed
Good, awesome, and annoying all mixed together today.Collapse )
15th-Jun-2010 09:42 pm - Japan: Day 0 - Day 1
fit of joy
So I spent Saturday night with Sally and Cory at Sally's parent's place because they offered to take us all to DFW early in the morning so that we wouldn't have to leave a car there the whole time or whatever. It was a great plan and worked really well.

And, well... Cory and I thought it would be a good idea to just go ahead and stay up all night, since Japan is 14 hours forward from CST, and if we went to bed it would just make it harder to adjust when we got there. Not sure if this is true or not, but neither of us has really slept yet. I've gotten in a couple of hours since 9:30 Saturday morning (after going to bed about 2-ish, as I got in the packing groove), but so far I haven't REALLY slept. I'm going to do that as soon as I post this and take a shower. I did nap repeatedly on the train, and that was kinda amusing.

But yes, we started off the day at Sally's with no sleep. Fantastic. We got to DFW about 4-ish, and the Air Canada people don't come in until 4:30 to check people in. :\ So we waited. When they opened and let us check in our luggage we headed back to the seating area and chilled. There were some interesting pieces of artwork there, and I took a few pictures. I'll upload those to Facebook later. I'm not sure if I'll last long enough tonight to upload what I took.

We did a lot of chilling. And there was artwork in DFW AND in YYZ, which is the Vancouver Airport. We spent a lot of time listening to messages in at least two languages (French and English) plus often a Japanese version of the same thing just afterward.

On the flight to Toronto, I ended up with the row to myself and I was out real fast before we took off and stuff. I was so tired; it was really strange. But I woke up a lot and spent time reading and writing and all sorts of things, so it was a pretty good flight. We also had breakfast at McDonald's. At YYZ, we had Coyote Jack's, and on the really long Air Canada flight, they served us everything from Chicken and Pasta to CUP RAMEN. It was delicious, but it was cup ramen! That was so very, very strange.

Okay, so the most important thing about today other than the food and art and running around and getting lost... We went out to eat and were trying to order at this one place, but it turns out that you buy your meal outside on the kiosk and then you can go get the food later. It was pretty funny. Yes, it was amusing. Yes, we got pictures. Pictures of almost everything. +d

but yeah, I'm gonna go to bed now. I can barely keep my eyes open. >_>

Okay, g'night all!
6th-Jun-2010 12:38 pm - Meme!
The Weekend Boredom / Procrastination
Multi-Fandom Friending Meme

Check it out!

My post is the longest so far. >_> I think the "fandom" part of it is the main contributing factor. *cough*

Also, went to A-kon for the first time yesterday. A-kon ramblings.Collapse )
27th-May-2010 01:15 am - Finally got to it
fit of joy
For years people have been telling me that I need to watch Firefly.

I needed to watch Firefly. So gorram amazing!!!!!

And my first reaction was "So many ships on this ship!", so I feel the need to list out my ships, in no particular order. (And I'm only about halfway through.)

Y'know that line about a special level of hell? Yeaaaah...Collapse )

edenbound, I think some of this is your fault. I knew someone on my flist had done Firefly fic, so I hunted said person - you - down. And it's all fantastic. ♥

Firefly is amazing~~~~~ *has been very solidly converted*
2nd-May-2010 06:39 pm - Sudden Thought
sleepy daiken
So this weekend has been pretty awesome. I did LARPing yesterday (we saved Kailein (sp?)!) and went to Scarborough today, which my tarot ladies and I had been planning for a while. I feel bad for spending the money that I did (there, I said it! It was mostly for food and one book by Peter Beagle cuz I wanted him to sign something) but I don't regret the day. It was fun, I got a cool toe ring, saw some fun shows, and we had been planning this for a while! Plus, Celia couldn't go, so if two out of the four of us were out, it probably wouldn't have happened. Oh well.

Note to self: I've gotta remember to get Carrie to pay me for that work I did earlier this year. Maybe even see if she wants me to finish it up, now that I'm gonna have more time on my hands.

But I realized just now... I kinda can't wait until I'm done with school. I used to love it, but this semester beat the crap out of me, and the fact that I have no money is very sad-making. I could work more if I didn't have so much school! D: (but I still like school too! *sigh*)

But I don't know what I'm going to do after school either. Likely try to get a scholarship or some kind of something to get me through grad school, and then I'll have a part-time job on the side or something. I dunno.

Oh well.

In other news, the main characters from a certain fic that I owe a certain someone for her recent birthday decided that today would be a great day to talk over the next stage of said fic... while I was in the car without a laptop or a notebook. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated. Fortunately, I do remember most of what they talked about, so hopefully that'll get rolling.

But first... homework. Yahoo. :\
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