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Blaze of Glory

Purifying Fire

Ally, at your service!
22 July 1989
I'm a junior at the University of Texas at Dallas. I'm currently an OTM (and continue to be one for a while) which means that I get to be the first person to meet the newest students here, and it's totally an awesome experience. I'm into anime, manga, writing, reading, yaoi, fanfiction, and a bazillion other things. I manage to stay relatively busy, and that hasn't changed in the last... 6 years, good god. And, like my previous profile said, I am no longer 17. I am now 19! Yeah, long time since I actually looked at this. Most of my writing has been moved over to Alas Poor Muses, the community my friends cyanwitch, spazzyfroggies and I use for our weekly Fic Duels. We also run the Marus/Urban (from the Kiesha'ra series by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes) community. Check 'em out!